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◆ 営業時間 10:00~18:30

  OPEN : 10:00 ~ 18:30

​◆ 木曜定休・水曜不定休

  Closed on Thursdays (Irregularly on Wednesdays)

◆ 展覧会は、最終日のみ17:30に終了いたします


  Only the exhibition will close at 17:30 on the last day

  (permanent collection area will be open until 18:30


◆ 展覧会の入れ替えの際は、水曜・木曜と連休いたします

  During the exhibition changeover, we will be closed on Wednesdays   and Thursdays

◆ 展覧会期中においても、祝祭日にかかわらず木曜定休です

  Even during the exhibition period, we are closed on thursdays

  regardless of national holidays




Please make sure to check our business hours before visiting

We look forward to welcoming you

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