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【瀬津純司 -彩墨流- 展】 3/6(Fri)スタート!!

【瀬津純司 -彩墨流- 展】 JUNJI SETSU CERAMIC EXHIBITION 2020.3.6(Fri)~3.24(Tue) 10:00-18:30(最終日17:30迄)【木曜定休】 . 古より愛されてきた墨流しの美しさを、陶土を用いた独自の技法で表現される瀬津純司さん。作為と不作為の狭間でたゆたう泥漿が生み出す、儚くも力強い模様の器や花器、酒器、茶道具などを、春爛漫の彩りで展開されます。ぜひお愉しみください。 . The beauty of Sumi-Nagasi which is a method of designing marble aqueous surface has been loved for long from ancient times. Junji SETSU has developed it in his unique way with stoneware clay. Slip floating between controlled and uncontrolled turn into ephemeral and powerful patterns. Tableware, flower vases, sake-ware and tea-ware are shown in a fully bloomed spring range. Please enjoy this exhibition.

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