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【八田亨 展】始まりました!

◆小壷 ¥3,240-(size:約Φ6×8h)

◆花器 ¥19,440-(size:約Φ11×19h)

◆三島手5寸皿 ¥3,780-(size:約Φ15×3.5h)

◆三島手4寸皿 ¥3,780-(size:約Φ13×3h)

◆tile plate 正方小 ¥5,400-(size:約19×19×1.5h)

◆tile plate 正方大 ¥15,120-(size:約26×26×2h)



八田亨展、スタートいたしました♪ 金曜土曜の在廊日に合わせて早々にお越しいただきました皆様、誠にありがとうございました。

初日の最後の店内景色をお届け。明日より作者は留守となりますが、素敵な作品が郡をなして皆様のお越しをお待ちしておりますよ。 .






◆岩皿 ¥32,400-(size:約Φ31×6h)


. 【八田亨 展】 TORU HATTA CERAMIC EXHIBITION 2018.2.23 (Fri)-3.13(Wed) 10:00-18:30(最終日17:30迄)【木曜定休】 . 【在廊日】23(金)・24(土) . .


. .

The potter’s gaze upon his wood kiln has become precise with the passing of the years, and somehow gentler. Maybe, by maturing from a time of simply casting about, and truly facing the joy and difficulty of the ceramic medium, he is now embracing the pleasure of eliminating all that is unnecessary.Two years ago, I asked him “what is it that you truly wish to do?” The answer to this question has started to sincerely materialize here in this moment. The Toru Hatta of today pours his heart into the melody of the ceramic wheel. We warmly welcome you to enjoy his new works with us, at the first exhibition of this year at Sophora.

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