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※3月31日(金)10:00~4月9日(日)18:30 来店応募

※4月8日(土)10:00~4月9日(日)23:59 Web応募































【 Web Lottery application form for Yuki NISHIYAMA’s works 

■Exhibition Period
Friday 31th March 2023 ~ Sunday 16th April 2023

■Lottery Sales Application Period
10:00 Friday 31th March 2023 ~ 18:30 Sunday 9th April 2023
Only the customers come and visit to our gallery in that limited period can get the application form.

■Online Lottery Sales Application Period
10:00 Saturday 8th April 2023 ~ 23:59 Sunday 9th April 2023
Please visit our website for details.
You are able to choose either Lottery Sales Application.

Please fill out the form and apply to the lottery at the time.
That application form could be writ in JAPANESE or ENGLISH. 

◆What to Fill out◆
□ Fill out the application form
□ Photo ID(to verify your identity)
□You can apply from the 1st choice to the 3rd choice.

You are able to apply only once per person for once item.
You can choose either Store Lottery Sales Application or Online Lottery Sales Application.
Please note that only one of them will be won or lost.

◆Announcement of the Lottery Results◆
The winning announcement dates are Friday 14th April 2023 or Saturday 15th April 2023.
An invoice e-mail will be sent only to a winner on the lottery.
Please set your mailing system so that you can receive an e-mail from
When you don’t receive that invoice e-mail within at 0:00 Sunday 16th April, it means you sadly lost on the lottery.
Please be careful not to make a mistake in the e-mail address, as the winning will be invalid if we cannot contact you due to an error in the e-mail address.
We are not be able to answer any inquiries regarding the application status or winning results.

◆How to Pay◆
Please follow the invoice e-mail you will receive when you win the lottery.
Payment is accepted only by a credit card basically.
The payment by credit card is due at 23:59 on the day of Satday 15th April 2023.
After the above payment period by credit card expired, you can’t make that payment anymore, then your winning on the lottery will be cancelled automatically.
Also, in the case that a credit card account holder and an applicant are different person, its winning on the lottery and payment made by that credit card will be cancelled.
After the lottery, if there are works that can be sold, we will notify you on Instagram.

The delivery to winners will be started from Thurthday 20th April 2023.

If we determine the purchase is for resale, we will refuse to sale.
Those who have been determined to be reseller will be strictly prohibited from participating in all lottery sales in future.

■ About the works list
Please see [Web  Exhibition Yuki Nishiyama's works].
※Web lottery application period for Nishiyama Yuki works: 8th (Sat)-9th (Sun) April

※The application form page will be released just before the lottery application period.



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